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2015 Second Ave. Design Proposal Highlights

Previously known as the 2nd and Virginia twin towers, the developer (Justen Company) and architects (Weber Thompson) will only be focused on the north tower as a result of negotiations with the Landmarks Board Architectural Review committee. The proposal states that the 1931 Second Avenue address will be diverged to develop further strategies on preserving the Terminal Sales Annex–classified as a historic landmark.


In the meantime, 2015 Second Avenue will reside on the northwestern block at the intersection of 2nd and Virginia. Currently a parking lot , the proposed high-rise will be situated south of the Cristalla, and east of One Pacific Tower. Plans also show that the building will take full advantage of the city’s revised restrictions on height with 39 stories, and toping off at 400′ with an additional 40′ of rooftop screening.

Currently, the intersection consists of the Moore Theater (SE), the Whiskey Bar and apartments (NE), a low-rise commercial building (SW) and large parking lot (NW). With the addition of a residential lobby and street level retail, that area of downtown should liven up a bit with more pedestrians.

Birds Eye View West Birds Eye View North

Plans boast townhome and work studios floor plans for the five floors above the street level.

The year posted on various sites about the project claim that construction will end in 2010, but the recent credit crunch has proven to create some curious speculations on Seattle’s real estate market. Although the high-rise presents itself as a great new addition to the Seattle skyline, it will be difficult to get excited about considering delays on the development of other projects.

As with all other condominium developments, we will be watching the proposals progress, and posting any status changes our Development Status for New Construction page.

Design Proposal by Justen Company and Weber Thompson (pdf)

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