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AVA Sends Message of Confidence

AVA’s Marketing Manager sent an uplifting email today even though the much anticipated project had failed to give many interested buyers details on when and how they can make a reservation earlier this year.  However, the economy of course has made it difficult for any new development to make any promises, and we’re excited to hear that AVA still plans on following through.

Here’s what they had to say:

In our previous communications, we outlined our planned timeline for moving forward with construction and opening of our presentation center. We stated that we would be submitting for building permits, which we have done. Additionally, the presentation center is ready to open, the interactive website is ready for project launch and we have a full time presence for any inquiries and questions that may arise. We are in a position to launch the project as soon as market conditions improve.

The next few months will lend quite a bit of insight about where the economy is headed and how quickly the credit crisis will clean up. We are confident AVA will bring an unparalleled presence to the retail district of Downtown Seattle and we will strategically begin development when the local residential real estate market conditions improve and the national financial crisis subsides.

While there has been much “doom and gloom” in the headlines as of late, we have done consistent market research and know that AVA will be a tremendous success when launched. Our goal is to provide you with a downtown residence in a well-planned development, as well as a home that is a sound investment.

We strive to be honest with you in our communications about our plans moving forward. We are ready to launch when the time is right to guarantee success for all parties. All markets go through cycles and as soon as we see an indication that conditions are favorable, we will open our doors for you to see the contemporary elegance that is AVA.

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