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3 Reasons to Consider Belltown Condos for Sale

There are plenty of reasons why consumers should consider buying a condo over a detached home these days. From the amenities that often come with the buildings, to the reduced amount of work and maintenance that comes with a condo, the reasons for buying this type of property are vast.

belltown condos for sale Photo by: Pixabay

But Seattle condos, like Belltown condos for sale in particular, offer their own set of advantages for buyers. Here are a few reasons why you should consider purchasing a condo in any of the regions of Seattle.

 1. Great for Families

Downtown and condo living is not just for young single professionals anymore. These days, a growing number of families with children are calling Downtown Seattle home, and are setting up shop in one of the many luxury condos that Seattle has to offer. Belltown condos for sale and condos in other neighborhoods are also perfect for families that are just starting to grow or that have school-age children.

In fact, the number of families living in Seattle’s downtown is increasing by 7.6 percent a year, which is expected to continue for the next few years. So parents: do not be afraid to plant some roots in one of the many Belltown condos for sale!

 2. Motivated Sellers

There are plenty of motivated sellers in Seattle these days, so you’ll be able to get yourself a good deal on a condo in this great city. Condos on their own are already a much more affordable option for buyers who want to be close to the downtown core but can’t necessarily scrape together the funds to buy a detached property. But properties in Seattle, like Belltown condos for sale, have the added benefit of being listed by sellers who are motivated to move up, thereby offering fine deals!

 3. Employment Opportunities

Seattle is home to some of the most innovative and brilliant employees across the country, and even the world. With so many employment opportunities currently being offered in Downtown Seattle close to a myriad of condo buildings, there’s little reason not to consider a Seattle condo as your next residence.

If you’re planning to relocate to Seattle, be sure to get in touch with Stroupe to help you land the perfect place for you to call home. From Queen Anne to Kirkland and Bellevue to Belltown condos for sale, you’ll be sure to find the property that is perfect for you and your requirements!

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