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Livelihood of Belltown

Living in Seattle has many perks, especially when the neighborhood in which you’ve chosen to reside is Belltown. Once you have done your homework researching the Belltown condos for sale, such as Cristalla or Bay Vista, you will find that you’ve made the right choice, given the livelihood of this part of town. Still not sure if Belltown is the area in which you’d like to get settled? Let’s explore some of the great amenities and attractions that this neighborhood has to offer!

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To start with, you will notice that Belltown offers just about everything you need within walking distance! Just about anything you could ask for is conveniently located within the boundaries of this small neighborhood. The main strip running through this area is 1st Avenue, which runs parallel to the waterfront and into Downtown Seattle. Some of the great buildings along 1st Avenue include Continental Place and the Pomeroy. There are clothing stores, home furnishing shops, jewelry boutiques, salons, and art galleries to pique your interest.

And, of course, you will find a plethora of eateries to grab a drink and a bite to eat with friends or coworkers. These are just a few of the perks that prospective buyers might consider when considering Belltown condos for sale. Belltown offers new and trendy nightlife spots as well. Consider popular places such as Bathtub Gin & Co., Dahlia Lounge and List. If you’re into classic or vintage offerings, Belltown also has a lot to offer. Popular venues include 5 Point Café, The Crocodile and the recently-renovated Cinerama movie theater.

For those seeking a more relaxing and outdoorsy vibe, keep in mind that there are parks located throughout the area and on the outskirts of Belltown. The 9-acre Olympic Sculpture Park offers an outdoor museum and beach at the north end of the Seattle seawall and the southern end of Myrtle Edwards Park and is just steps away from the Concord condominium building. The sculptures, both new and old, at this free, open-air museum are a must-see for anyone considering purchasing Belltown condos for sale. Other parks in the area include Regrade Park, Victor Steinbrueck Park, Piers 62-63 Park, Denny Park (just steps away from Enso condominiums!), and South Fountain Lawn.

Who knew Belltown condos for sale are located right within the heart of such a bustling area, which offers plenty of activities to spend your days off and evenings. While there are a lot of world renowned companies in the Seattle area, the city is not just all work and no play! Your next home could be one of the Belltown condos for sale near your office and even closer to all the attractions you will grow to love!

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