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Common Area Improvements for Bay Vista Tower

The Bay Vista Tower will be getting somewhat of a face lift for the 6th floor amenities and other repairs/replacements later this year. Here is a list of planned projects we received from the building’s Facility Manager.

  • Re-seal and paint building exterior this summer. Bid award expected by end of March. Work to begin by June.
  • Modernize elevators (no change to cabs, this just means we are moving from a mechanical system to a more reliable electronic system). This project is underway now which means we have the use of only one elevator. Consequently there is a moratorium on all non-essential elevator use, including remodel projects, until we have two working elevators. We expect completion by the end of June.
  • Enclose sun-deck off the pool room with gates and taller fencing so as to meet County pool security requirements while allowing the big sliding-glass doors to be wide open during the summer. Project completion expected by June 1st.

Scopes of work and other planning are in process for:

  • Repair/replace wooden garden planters on 6th floor deck.
  • Resurface pool, re-grout spa and rehab interior of pool room.
  • Remodel 6th floor Fitness Room (double in size by covering over stairwell) and Admiral’s Club social room.
  • Replace incoming domestic water line.
  • Replace roof-top cooling tower.
  • Replace fire panel.

There have been two special assessments toward these projects in the last two years. There is one more planned specifically for the 6th floor Fitness & Admiral’s Club Remodel. The Board of Directors plans to hold a broker’s open house upon completion of the 6th floor projects.

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