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Denny Triangle Trophy Tower to Compete with Downtown’s Four Seasons

Inspiring architects Pb Elemental is getting some scratched heads regarding a new 440′ tower they’ve proposed to build which will only contain 19 residential units on a less than 3,000 square foot lot. Capitol Hill residents are concerned about lost views, and many others are confused about a loophole concerning the lack of the city’s review process. Apparently Pb Elemental is exempt from the design-review process because the tower will have less than 20 homes, reports The SLOG. But, the loophole has yet to be verified.

Each floor is reported to only be an approximate 2,100 square feet and homes are estimated to be priced between $2-18 million. The top floor penthouse is reported to consume 2 floors and have the highest price tag. I’m curious to know what level of finishes and building amenities the penthouse will offer considering a penthouse unit at the Four Seasons (with an approximate 8,000 square feet, highly desired view and central 1st Avenue downtown location) is planned to close for just over a rumored $13 million. The Trophy Tower’s penthouse is estimated at $18 million. Pb Elemental has yet to respond to our call.

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