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Economy Optimism Showing in Polls: Cast Your Vote!

A recent article in the Seattle Times featured an article about a graphic designer who has felt quite a bit of stress over the fear of “losing everything”.   The article also stated that anxiety, depression, and stress are becoming somewhat of an epidemic.  In the same article, the Times reported that an Ipsos tracking poll found 52 percent of Americans now think the U.S. economy has stabilized, compared to the 35% who felt that way four weeks ago.  Apparently, only one in three now feel that the worst is yet to come, while last month the percentage was at 57 percent!

Therefore, we wanted to start a consumer confidence poll for the downtown Seattle area which you can find to the right of our blog->

Each week starting next Friday, we’ll reset the poll and also update the questions so that it’s more relevant to the overall feeling of consumers and thier confidence.  This week, we just want to see what type of market you feel we’re in right now. Cast your vote!

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