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ESCALA New Construction Photos

Wow, have we have been lucky with the weather.  We were fortunate enough to have fairly blue skies while taking a hard hat tour of ESCALA today with John Midby.  Since there is yet to be any interior walls at the construction site, it’s really difficult to paint the picture of what everything will look like.  Therefore, our new photos are focused on the amenity space, quality of construction, and views.


After climbing up and around a little boys hot wheel car playground paradise, we entered the enormous lobby.  Midby pointed out the where the winding staircase will attach to the 3rd floor.  The long-time developer assured us the new staircase would be, “smashing.”

From here, we went down the east wing of the building where there will eventually be a plush lounge and fireplace for guests and residents to relax.  Which restaurant will occupy the northern portion of the luxury development is still up in the air.  However, based on the chuckle and “we don’t know yet” response by John, there’s plenty of interest.

One of things that was most impressive about the tour was not only the views and the spacious floorplans, but just the amount of concrete.  Before our exit, John stated that, “We want the quality of our work to represent everything we do.  We spared no expense on quality.”

With much of the construction materials scattered about, it was difficult to get a good shot of the spectacular views for those who have, or will be purchasing units in the northeastern corners.  However, there’s a straight shot down a corridor that will give these homeowners a spaceneedle view.  In addition, many of those same floorplans will offer homeowners lake views.  Personally, I really enjoyed the view down 4th Avenue which is shown below.

And these guys…  They just wanted to say hi to mom, dad, and the rest of the fam.

We’ll follow up this post soon with renderings of the amenities, which are not yet ready to be released.

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