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Escala Photos: 10th Floor 1 & 2 Bedroom Units

Homes at Escala are just downright spectacular!  Everything from finishes, to floorplans, to views, and location is something to boast about.  The project is coming together very well and we’re excited to have a sneak peek for you.  Here are some 10th floor pics: (above)

Every unit not only offered a spacious floorplan, but an eye popping view as well.


Even from the Southwest corner, which lacks the sight of the Space Needle and Puget Sound,  the open city view has been selling quite well.

Back to the popular 2 bedroom floorplan on the Northeastern corner…


As you can see, with a view of the Needle, door to large patio, fireplace, large windows, and space for a king size bed, leaving for the office in the morning won’t be that easy–but then again, it could also be the best way to end the day.


Unfortunately, lights had yet to be installed in the bathrooms, so we were unable to get a quality shot.  Therefore, we’ll have to jump forward to where residents will enjoy breakfast and dinner.



And how about that 2nd bedroom, office, or guest room…


The patio.


The patio photo above really does it no justice.  The space is fairly large, but the sun had already placed its noon position, so we stepped out a quite a bit to snap this one.

Western views from 10th floor 1 bedrooms.



We’ll be posting 20th story 2 bedrooms tomorrow.  More information about Escala can be found here.

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