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Window pane falls out of a top-floor Fifteen Twenty-One condominium

Things got scary on July 6th, when a window pane in a high-rise condominium split and fell from over 300 feet onto an adjacent parking lot. Miraculously, nobody was hurt, but dozens of the vehicles were reported as damaged. KOMO News reported that most of the damage was to the windows of the cars below.

fifteen twenty one broken window Parking Lot Adjacent to Fifteen Twenty-One – courtesy of GoogleEarth

The manager of Fifteen Twenty-One, Jerry Ringenberg, assured KOMO News that the situation is being taken extremely seriously. According to the article, a “building science and professional engineering firm” was hired to investigate the incident. The firm will investigate not only the faulty window but also look for other factors that might pose a similar risk.

Fifteen Twenty-One Seattle Fifteen Twenty-One: one of Weber Thompson’s most famous projects.

The building manager also assured that the building’s board intends to promptly recommend a course of action that will prevent such an incident from happening again.

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