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Finding the Perfect Seattle Neighborhood for You

When it comes to finding the perfect neighborhood for yourself and for your family, you will want to look at a large range of aspects. There are several listings to sift through, but what will make it easier on you when searching through Seattle condos, like Belltown condos for sale, is considering the following:

  • What are the school districts like?
  • Is it close to sporting activities?
  • What is the crime like in which areas of the city?
  • Is the neighborhood economically stable?
  • Will this work for me personally?
belltown condos for sale Photo by: Pixabay

 These types of questions are pertinent to finding which type of neighborhood would work best for you to search for properties in Seattle like Belltown condos for sale. Determining whether you need an excellent school district will be based on whether you are moving to properties like Belltown condos for sale with children or have future plans that involve children.

Crime is another huge factor that individuals look at when determining if a neighborhood is right for them, as no one wants to settle in a high crime area. When it comes to choosing from the abundance of Seattle condos, and neighborhoods, you’re going to want to take a look at all the top-rated neighborhoods in the city.

Top 3 Seattle Neighborhoods

  • Beacon Hill: Is an extremely child-friendly neighborhood which makes it perfect for families. The neighborhood has multiple parks with playgrounds, has a public library and the community is quite diverse.
  • Belltown: If you don’t have a vehicle and don’t fancy public transportation, then Belltown is where you will want to settle since it has a high walkability factor. Belltown condos for sale in this neighborhood sit at the center of the city’s heartbeat where the nightlife comes alive. Theater thrives in this part of Seattle, so there will always be good food and dancing.
  • Laurelhurst: Is one of the most expensive neighborhoods but it is also one of the safest. The neighborhood has the least crime and is matched with some of the best views of Lake Washington.

 Working with a team of expert real estate agents in the Seattle market will help you find the right neighborhood for your needs. From Laurelhurst to Belltown condos for sale and everywhere in between, you’ll find your dream condo in no time!

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