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Four Seasons New Construction Photos

Thankfully, unlike every other day over the last several, Friday was perfect for visiting the new Four Seasons & Private Residences. Sales representative Molly Gleason met me, April, and Justin out front to give us hard hats and inspect our boots (April’s were “cute” Chooka rainboots with pictures of skulls, hearts, sparrows, and lucky horseshoes). So, here’s some of the highlights…

Our journey began by going through the residence’s private entrance, which passed by the soon to be, Fran’s Chocolates (thank you Molly for the delivery: yummy). We then passed through the lobby, and to the ART restaurant where Kerry Sear from Cascadia in Belltown will take the position of Executive Chef.

Art Restaurant and Lounge will be a Northwest-inspired eatery featuring a casual bar-style counter area in the middle of the restaurant. There will be 65 tables and private dining room which all have extraordinary western views.

We then traveled up the service elevator to the 20th floor to take a look at one of the 2-story units. Since the unit is spoken for, we cannot post any photos. But I assure you that it is on top of the world.

After soaking in some sun on #2002’s extra large deck, we traveled to the 18th floor where there is still a couple units available for you to make an offer.

Eastern facing units also had impressive city views with plenty of light. As you can see from the photo below, the floorplan allowed the windows to stick out a few feet. So, you are able to clearly see down 1st Avenue.

Curious to know what $15,800,000 looks like? Since it was difficult to really take pictures that paint the picture properly, here’s a comment that Molly made that may give you a good idea. She said, “This is where your additional quarters would be if you had a private staff.” The unit takes the entire half of the floor, has a 2nd kitchen for the “hired staff,” features 3 separate decks, and 6 bedrooms.

If we didn’t have to consider load time for photos on the Internet, we’d post more of this unit. But, if you’re interested in buying, give us a call and we’ll arrange a showing.

If $15.8 million is just over your budget, unit #1102 is still available and very much of a favorite. This home faces west, and located in the south corner of the north side of the horseshoe shaped high-rise.  Take a look at this awesome living space below.

So, that’s enough for now. We’ll be sure to post a follow up of some amenity photos including a gorgeous spa, grand ballroom, and design textures.  Price list is available for the 11 remaining units of the 36 total.

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