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All the latest news articles and market trends of the Seattle Real Estate Market. If it is happening in Seattle it is happening on the Stroupe Group.

Headline Tidbits

South Lake Union is growing again
– The P.I. reported more about commercial development in S.L.U. regarding and another $240 million project named the Yale Campus.

“I’ve never experienced anything like what is happening in South Lake Union right now (with) so many world-class institutions flocking into one neighborhood with as much enthusiasm as is currently happening there right now,” he said (Bruce Blume). “Everybody wants to be there.”

Seattle ranks fifth for foreign real estate investors – The P.I. also reported that the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate polled nearly 200 members and ranked Seattle behind New York City, Washington D.C. Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Among major cities worldwide, Seattle ranked 31st as the favorite commercial investment opportunity, just behind Osaka, Japan.

This street plan could be pretty woonerf-ul – Seattle Times tells locals to add the Netherlands originated word woonerf to our urban-planning-dictionary which means “street for living.”

Cars still are allowed, but woonerfs are designed to slow them to walking speed, to let motorists know that here, at least, they don’t rule the road.

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