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So Many Photos of ESCALA: New Construction/Hard Hat

We took another tour of ESCALA yesterday with John Midby since it was such a beautiful day out.  Most of these view shots were taken from the 26th floor, and of course facing west.

However, many of the southern, eastern, and northern views were just as spectacular.  Midby assured us that there really hasn’t been too much preference on buyers choosing one direction or another.  It’s all been just a matter of preference.

The most exciting part of our visit was to see that some of the units are starting to get carpets and appliances.  The photos we took of the units that are undergoing completion are those on the 4th, 5th and 6th floors.

The amenity levels hasn’t changed much since our previous visit except for the addition of the lobby staircase.  There’s also some shape taking place in and around the pool area which is starting to help paint the picture of what everything will look like.  Other than that, ESCALA is moving along quite well and the views are more impressive than we had imagined.  The photos really don’t show how great they really are.  The view we probably spent the most time enjoying was the southern view down the 4th Avenue corridor.  If only the sun had been going down and the city lights lit up around us.

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