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To “Seattle FTV” on SkyscraperCity Forum

Unfortunately we haven’t logged into the forum for some time, so out account has been disabled.  But we wanted to take a moment to address the issue of hard hat tours mentioned by a frustrated buyer on the popular skyscraper discussion board regarding Olive 8 and recent photos taken.


The question was:

am i wrong in being ticked about not letting us future owners in to show us around? they’re letting this agent all over (even on the freaking roof!) and in 2.5 yrs they’ve given us one shot in the building…

LAME. fire codes my butt.

last time i ever buy something through Williams Marketing.

Dear Seattle FTV,

We just wanted to let you know how we got into Olive 8 to get those photos in mention, and how you can do it too if you like. I think they’re a really great sales team over there (unlike the futile efforts I’ve had trying to get into a few others), and would work with you if you were very interested in taking a look.

So here’s the skinny on fire codes.  The fire department doesn’t want these new construction sites doing hard hat tour “events” because of OSHA rules.  However, individual tours are ok which is why I’ve been able to get into Olive 8, ESCALA, and the Four Seasons.  Still pushing for 1521, Veer, ENSO, and Rollins but it’s really difficult.

Anyhow, point is they give a few tours a week to those who are helping them market the property, potential buyers, and existing buyers.  However, I had to bug them persistently about it for approximately 2 months.  Apparently their time is limited, so it took 3 personal visits and more than double the amount of emails recognizing thier time before I finally got a day and time that had to be rescheduled for another day and time.

In addition, the photos we took have received over a 1,000 views in the last 2 days, so there’s some marketing benefit to them.  Tours also have to go through a process of approval and Leslie Williams has been a good business acquaintance for several years.

But, everybody at ESCALA and Olive 8 have been wonderful and I’m sure if you just gave Olive 8 a polite nudge they’ll work something out.  It’s just important to recognize that they’re very busy and tours also have to be worked out with all workers from the sales team, to the developer, to even to the guys working the elevator.

Finally, out intention was to get those photos taken so those wise individuals who have bought (or are considering buying) at Olive 8 can see how everything is coming along.

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