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Seattle Homes “Earn” Much More than Minimum Wage

On Monday, Zillow published a report which analyzes rising home prices in an interesting way: it looks at how much in home equity a homeowner makes for every working hour in a year.

According to the report, a typical home in the United States appreciated 7.6% over the last twelve months, to a median home value of $210,200 in February 2018, a $14,800 difference from a year before. Assuming a standard work week of 40 hours (or 2,087 hours in a year), said home “made” $7.09 during every hour a typical homeowner spent at the office. It is worth noting that the federal minimum wage is just a little more, $7.25 an hour.

Now that we have looked at a typical home in the United States, let us look at hourly equity gain in various cities across the country. According to the Zillow report, the median U.S. household income is $58,978, which translates to roughly $28 an hour. Owners of median-value homes in six cities – San Jose, San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Oakland and San Diego – gained more than said rate in home equity every working hour. Homes in San Jose, CA ‘earned’ a staggering $99.81 in equity per hour, coming in at number one on Zillow’s list. San Francisco came in second place, with homes ‘earning’ $60.13 per hour. Seattle homes came in third place, ‘earning’ an impressive $54.24 an hour.

Home equity is obviously much different than bimonthly paychecks: it can only be collected when a homeowner decides to sell the property and is subject to various taxes. However, the report should make Seattle homeowners excited, as it does a great job of illustrating just how much they can gain by investing in the local real estate market. The complete (and fascinating!) report can be found here.

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