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Simple Interior Condo Design

There are plenty of amazing Downtown Seattle condos for sale and with the help of a skilled and experienced realtor, like those from The Stroupe Group, you can find the one that is perfect for you. After you secure your condo space, if you are looking for some helpful design tips, then read on! There are several easy ways to maximize your enjoyment of your Seattle condo and love your living space even more:

downtown seattle condos for sale interior

Use furniture that is not too big or small for your space. You do not want your entire living room floor space to be taken up by the couch and love seat but you also want to make sure there is sough room to sit and be comfortable. Choose furniture that fits your room and do not try to cram too much into one area of the space you’ve chosen from Downtown Seattle condos for sale. Some condominium buildings, such as Trace Lofts, offer open-concept living, while others, such as the Vine feature more traditional layouts.

Mismatched accents and design features can be good sometimes. Balance has its place in interior design and is the dominate method of achieving a good look, but sometimes a little mismatching can really make a room pop. You may have seen a few Downtown Seattle condos for sale in your search and you have probably figured out what interior designs work well and which do not. Sometimes two different lamps that complement each other but don’t match can be a good example of this as is using one large piece of all art on one side of the fireplace and a collection of five or six smaller pieces on the other side.

Accentuate beautiful design features of your condo such as intricate molding and baseboards if they are part of your condo’s decor. Rich colored wood and finely carved woodworking and molding can be a wonderful touch to the design of Downtown Seattle condos for sale, especially the one you’ve decided on, and can emphasize these features and show them off.

For more information on the great Downtown Seattle condos for sale and how to make the right one for you more of your own, contact The Stroupe Group today!

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