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Topping-Off Ceremony at Escala

What a beautiful day for such an event!  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, the mountains were clearly visible in the background, two ferries could be seen passing through the Sound, the sun glistened off nearby towers, and a news helicopter stationed as position during the ceremony.  Even though John Midby needed some backup when trying to control the shift in weight of the concrete when it began to pour, the only thing that could have made the event better would have been to host the champagne and Longhorn BBQ lunch outside from the top.  Oh well.

Regardless, it’s likely this milestone event may be another advancement in pushing another positive buzz for the project.  During the champagne toast, one of the speakers made a comment about how Escala is working to make a community that is livable and walkable, 24/7.  Another one of Escala’s team members later reminded us that it wasn’t long ago that the downtown area was once much more seedy than it is now–a place that was in fact 24/7, but not so walkable nor livable. Escala’s value truly does go much deeper than the hole dug beneath the ground floor, and much thicker than the massive slabs of concrete used to construct its walls.  There’s also some positive cultural intentions built into Escala.  Few companies seem to integrate a solid level of integrity into their efforts, but with Escala it’s readily seen.


We’re really looking forward to seeing the interior of the building take shape.  Now, it’s incredibly difficult to not notice the new high-rise.  Just a few more floors of the emerald-colored glass will complete the project’s exterior, then current and future buyers can really start to visualize being part of a downtown Seattle holiday after closing.

To John Midby and the rest of the Escala team:



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