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Will work-from-home employees leave large cities?

As the global fight against coronavirus continues, many of us are working from home. The sudden need to work remotely is also shifting the way we think about where we live. As some companies are considering allowing their employees to work remotely forever, there is a possibility that many of those workers will flee large cities. 

Will those to work remotely choose to leave large, densely populated cities?

According to a fascinating new survey published on a Redfin blog, about 50% of those who live in large cities would leave them if work-from-home became permanent. The survey took a look at the percentage of those in five major metro areas who did not work remotely prior to the shutdown – and expect to continue doing so once the country reopens.  Seattle leads the pack with those expecting to work remotely in the future – a staggering 43.8% of those surveyed. 

In addition, the survey asked how many of those who work remotely would consider leaving their cities – and about half of the responders said they would. Redfin predicts that working from home coupled with lack of affordable options in major metro areas will cause a migration out of big cities – and into smaller ones. We urge you to check out the report here

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